Who Uses Our Answering Service

Answering Legal serves every area of the law, including Solo Practitioners, Large Partnerships, and every size between. Any Legal Professional in private practice will tell you: answering phones, listening to messages, and corresponding to emails are a full time job, and allocating time and energy to these tasks takes away time from serving your clients’ needs. With Answering Legal, your calls are 100% insured to be answered politely and professionally, handled according to the protocol you request, and dispatched appropriately. Answering Legal is truly the only Answering Service for Attorneys. In a perfect world, new client callers will try to reach you when you don’t have to meet with existing clients, you don’t have to appear in court, and when you aren’t trying to sleep! This is often not the case. In our experience, the phone seems to ring at all the wrong times for you, making it difficult to obtain all the new business you could potentially handle.

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The Solution:

Answering Legal supports the infrastructure of its Law Firms by answering calls as if we were in your office. We do this by allocating a unique telephone number to your account, letting us know that the caller is looking to speak to your firm. A pre-determined script will let our legal intake receptionists know how to answer all of your calls that come our way, for example: If you are the Law Offices of Tom Lawyer, your receptionist will answer, “Good Afternoon, Thank you for calling the Law Offices of Tom Lawyer, how may I help you?”

Why do I need this?

Other answering services let callers know right away that they are an answering service, with a limited capability to do anything other than take a message. Answering Legal will greet your callers professionally, and with respect to your practice, transfer new callers, schedule appointments, capture new leads, and send you the information in real time. Even better, you won’t be charged for calls that don’t pertain directly to your business. (Robo-callers, family calls, or anything outside of your practice.)

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FAQ's: Who We Serve

What kinds of law practices do you serve?

We serve all law practices! Our customers range from Criminal Defense, to Bankruptcy, to Family Law, to Social Security Disability Law. If you are a lawyer, you are welcome to use Answering Legal!

How do you customize to serve specific law practices?

We customize every account to each of our customers. You can determine everything from how your phones are answered to the questions the legal intake receptionists ask during the intake process. Also, you can make changes to your scripting on the fly!

Do you service boutique law practices?

Yes! If you are a niche law firm or a boutique law firm, we will work with you to ensure that your firm is represented to your standard.

Do you answer for large law firms?

Yes! Some of the largest firms in the country use Answering Legal for their virtual receptionist and legal intake needs.

Do you serve private practices?

Yes. We answer for many private practices. We do not turn any law firms away.

Do you serve solo practice law firms?

Yes. In fact, a vast majority of our clients are solo practitioners. They benefit from the service because they can expand their business without a costly overhead by using Answering Legal!

Does it matter which State my law practice resides in?

No! Because we are 24/7, we can answer for any time zone across the country. There are no barriers to joining Answering Legal!