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Personal Injury Lawyers generally are sifting for diamonds when it comes to their practice, and in this regard, can’t afford to miss a phone call because it could very well have been their biggest case of the year! Our Personal Injury Lawyers have a dedication and high level of customer service when it comes to their clients, and for this reason employ our Personal Injury Lawyer Answering Service so that new and existing clients alike, aren’t sent to the automated voicemail. Personal Injury Lawyers generally have a better chance at obtaining new business by having a live person answering the phone, and our Legal Intake Receptionists prove this every day. By patching new clients into the attorney, or performing a brief intake for a new client, our Personal Injury Attorneys can pick up new clients even when they aren’t answering their phones, 24/7/365. Don’t take our word for it, try us for free for 10 days! Answering Legal is the #1 Personal Injury Lawyer Answering Service, answering the phones for thousands of lawyers across the United States. Our legal intake receptionists are trained exclusively and uniquely for your firm, and follow the protocol that you’ve requested. This means that even after hours, when your law firm is closed, your phones are still being answered by a live representative of your firm, helping you to obtain and retain new and existing clients, respectively. Having a Personal Injury Lawyer Answering Service like Answering Legal means that all callers enjoy the benefit of speaking to a live person, and never become frustrated by an automated voicemail system. Even better, try Answering Legal, Personal Injury Lawyer Answering Service, for free! There are no obligations.   Our Legal Answering Services are as follows:

  • 24/7/365 Live Answering
  • Sending of messages via SMS Text and/or Email
  • Call Patching/Routing
  • Specialized Call Management Procedures
  • Scheduling Services
  • Discretion When Handling Sensitive Issues

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