How Answering Legal Works


Our Legal Intake Receptionists answer your calls as if they were literally inside your office. For example: If you are the Law Offices of Tom Lawyer, your receptionist will answer, “Good Afternoon, Thank you for calling the Law Offices of Tom Lawyer, how may I help you?”


Your receptionist will ascertain whether the caller is a new or existing client, and will follow one of two protocols.

  • New Client: For the new client, usually our attorneys like to speak to him/her right away. Your receptionist will politely ask for a name and number, and then let the new client know he/she will be placed on a brief hold while we get you on the line. If you are able to take the call after we announce the caller, great! If not, your receptionist will perform a brief intake, asking the new client a few brief questions regarding his/her case.
  • Existing Client: Most times, if our attorneys couldn’t answer the phone, it is because they were busy attending to other clients, and existing client matters usually aren’t emergencies. For this reason, your receptionist will politely ask for the name of the caller, the best phone number for him/her, and the detailed message they would like to pass along.


Your receptionist will send your messages to you instantly, via text/email or a combination of the two. All of the messaging and call protocols are completely customizable, and are pre-determined when signing up with Answering Legal. At any time, if you would like to make a change, we are available to do so. For example: If you know you are leaving for a leisure vacation on Monday, and would like the legal intake receptionists to let all new and existing clients know you will be out of the office until Friday, your account details will be changed on the spot, so that your receptionists handle the calls the way you’ve requested!

Curious About The Cost?

Our customers see the service pay for its self in the first month!

Getting Set Up:

Setup is easy, and we take most of the burden off of your shoulders. Call Forwarding is usually the instrument we use to help support your infrastructure, however we are able to provide you with a new number that you can publish as 24/7 for your clients! Based on your phone provider, Answering Legal uses various types of call forwarding, and our technical support team will work to ensure that your system is working in coordination with your new Answering Service for Attorneys!

FAQ: Getting Set Up

How difficult is it to start a free trial with Answering Legal?

Not difficult at all. We need to confirm how you would like to have your calls answered, establish a protocol for new and existing clients, and set up call forwarding – the way you want it. If you’d like to use rollover, choose how many rings you would like to have before it comes to us. If you’d like to straight forward the calls when you leave the office, we will confirm that the system is working. Interested in starting your free trial? Click here to start your free trial today or read more about rollover call forwarding here

What do I need to do in order to get set up?

We only need to ask you a few questions and confirm the settings for your free trial, before we determine what type of call forwarding you would like to utilize. Conditional Call Forwarding short codes are available on almost all mobile phones, and can also be set up by contacting providers for landlines. Straight call forwarding is usually as simple as dialing *72 and the number you would like to forward to, although there are other different short codes depending on your provider. Call us at 631-686-9700 to speak to an expert if this is something you would like to do!

Why does Answering Legal only answer the phones for attorneys?

We learned at the inception of our business that we were excellent at answering the phones for law firms. Our founders decided that from then on, we would only cater to lawyers and attorneys, providing excellent customer service and call answering instead of letting our quality decline to gain a hold on a larger market share. Since we only answer for law firms and attorneys, we never had to sacrifice our quality of service.

Is there a contract?

No. Answering Legal never puts any of their customers in a contract. This way, if you would like to leave, you can at any time! This is especially true for our free trial. If you try Answering Legal and simply feel we are not the right fit, there are no barriers to leaving.

Call Forwarding:

Based on your phone provider, we can use various types of call forwarding. These options will vary and depend on your local phone company. We know your time is valuable. Therefore, we provide technical support who works to set up your account in coordination with your phone provider.

Popular Types of Call Forwarding:  

  • Roll-Over Call Forwarding: This method is the most common for our legal answering service clients. What this feature allows you to do, utilizing conditional call-forwarding, is let the phone ring in your office 3-4 times, and forward out automatically to one of our live legal intake receptionists on the 5-6 ring, so that a caller never hears your voicemail system. This Blog Post also explains Roll-Over Call Forwarding even further: “Rollover, The Preferred Call Forwarding Method”
  • Time of Day Call Forwarding: This method is predetermined to forward the phones to the answering service at set times each day.
  • Traditional Call Forwarding: This method allows you to manually forward and un-forward your phones anytime you wish to go on or off service. This is usually done by dialing *71, *72, or *73 and entering a 10-digit dedicated number which we provide you for free. Full Time Call Forwarding: Your office lines are forwarded to the service 24/7/365.

FAQ: Call Forwarding

If I forward my calls to Answering Legal, will I still have the opportunity to answer my own phone?

Yes. With conditional call forwarding, you can establish a ring cycle where the first few rings go to your phone, and forward over to Answering Legal’s virtual receptionists if that call goes unanswered. We only want to help your current infrastructure flourish, and if this is how your practice works best, we are here to encourage!

How do I forward my calls to Answering Legal?

Most call forwarding can be done directly from your phone. For example, straight call forwarding is usually activated by dialing *72, and the number to which you would like the calls forwarded. Each provider is different, and Answering Legal’s experts can help you establish your call forwarding protocols exactly the way you like it.

Can I forward my calls to Answering Legal so that I never have to pick up the phone?

Yes. Straight call forwarding will send all of your inbound calls to our answering service. But good news! You can still make outbound calls from your phone. If you only want to receive messages after Answering Legal has answered the call and performed the intake, you can definitely do so.

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