Our Answering Services

Answering Legal provides Law Firms, large or small, with the most advanced, professional, and affordable Virtual Receptionists in the industry. Answering Legal is the Number One Live Answering Service for Attorneys, powering a call center fueled by highly trained Legal Intake Receptionists, ensuring that callers, prospects and clients, never perceive the indifference that a voicemail exerts. With 24/7 support for your practice, never miss the new client who might be trying to hire you! Our team fully integrates with your practice, and serves as the extension you need to display a better image, and cater to your clients’ needs.

According to surveys, consumers who reach an automated system instead of a live person are more likely to move on and call the next attorney. With Answering Legal, all your calls are answered live, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We always answer the phone, and you never miss the next new client. Try our Live Answering Service free for 10 days – no contracts or obligations.

Based on your preference, we can transfer your calls to your work phone, cell phone or home phone. When a call comes in, we politely place the client on hold and attempt to reach you. If you’re available to take the call, we announce the caller and transfer the call right away. If you’re busy or don’t pick up, we simply take a message and send it to you.

With any marketing or advertising campaigns, you could see a drastic increase in the number of sales leads you get. Our live answering service and trained receptionists can screen potential leads and transfer the most promising opportunities. That way you can focus on the most promising leads and increase your company’s bottom line.

Bilingual Receptionist Service, we can ensure that customers are understood and their messages are correctly translated and relayed to you. Every message is critical to us and we make sure you get the correct message, every time.

Are you ready to take your firm to the next level?


If you are unavailable to take a call or simply want to use our service for message taking only, we can take a detailed message and send it to you via email, text message or eFax.

How we handle your client’s call is 100% customizable, and will only take place according to exactly how you want it. We will work with you to design a script that our legal intake receptionists use to answer your calls. Our receptionists will get to know you and your practice in order to best serve your clients.

With Google Calendar integration, Answering Legal’s live answering service can help you manage your busy schedule by creating and/or deleted appointments with clients.

Does your office receive more calls than it can handle? Missed calls can mean lost business. With overflow call handling, you’ll never miss another important call.

FAQ: Services

Is Answering Legal 24/7/365?

Yes! Except on Leap Years. Then we’re 24/7/366. Read more about our 24 7 Answering Service.

Does Answering Legal schedule appointments?

Yes we do! We schedule appointments for you to ensure that every client has the best chance of getting your help as soon as possible.

Does Answering Legal do legal intake?

Yes! Answering Legal handles over 40,000 new client intakes every day! Our receptionists are trained exclusively for the legal industry, so they are experts in getting the correct information. Read more about our Message Taking.

Is Answering Legal fully bilingual?

Yes. At all hours of the day, there is a staff dedicated to Spanish speaking callers in 3 dialects of Spanish and even Portuguese! Read more about our Bilingual Answering Service.