Answering Service Cost

Our Answering Service Cost is determined on a per-minute basis. What we do to figure out the answering service cost is first: offer you a ten day free trial, where we can measure your call volume in a typical ten days, and then offer you a flat rate moving forward. This flat rate will include a minute package, monthly answering service cost, and always includes 25% overage protection. Our 25% overage protection insures that you will never be billed for additional usage, and unless you sustain over 25% higher call volume than your minute package for a period of 90 days, your plan will not change!

The Real Answering Service Cost

We have seen pricing structures of answering services for attorneys range from around $80 to anywhere in the thousands of dollars. However, most answering services that say they have cheap rates like $80 per month, are usually the ones that include inflated overage fees in their answering service cost – meaning that if you go over on your minutes, your overage minutes are charged at a higher rate than your package. How is that fair to you? Your business grows, and your answering service penalizes you? At Answering Legal, we look to become your partner and grow with you, by offering declining per-minute pricing; the more you use, the cheaper the minutes become! Don’t waste any more time trying to find a cheap answering service rate. Sign up with an answering service that doesn’t try to leech off of your success. Try Answering Legal risk free, never sign a contract, and never miss the new client!

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