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Trust Your Calls to the Longest Running Legal Answering Service

That’s right, Answering Legal is the original legal answering service. Before we started answering exclusively for attorneys in 2013, typical “virtual receptionist” services offered the same old mediocre quality phone answering to law firms because they didn’t need to offer more. Older answering services knew that they didn’t have to offer more than the industry standard, as long as they provided a live person to answer phone calls. At that point, lawyers took what they could get, and who could blame them?

We at Answering Legal recognized the need for law firms to have their calls handled in a specific way, and we recognized that other companies just weren’t filling that need properly. We did our research, made a few mistakes along the way, and ultimately perfected our call handling, protocol, and legal intake customization processes that we use and update frequently to this day for our customers. Thus, we gave name to the phenomenon lawyers had long been awaiting: legal answering service.

Before Answering Legal, there were just “call centers.” Now, answering services across the country claim to offer “answering services for attorneys” at such low prices it seems hard to believe that they’re still in business. The truth is, these companies are outsourcing their phone answering to overseas agents, charging more than double their standard price for each minute you use over your minute plan, and are altogether not providing the level of service that lawyers need in order to keep their clients happy.

Answering Legal only has people in their employ who work directly from our central location in Long Island, New York. We don’t charge you exorbitant overages, and we provide a premium level of care to every one of your callers.

Answering Legal set the standard. Don’t settle for less than the best. Get the legal answering service you deserve.

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