How we determine your customized price

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We customize all of our pricing plans to fit your exact needs. How do we do this? We give you a free trial so that you can see how well Answering Legal works, while we measure your call volume! Using the data we see during your trial, we are able to offer you a customized pricing plan, unique to your business.

  • 1
    You experience the 10 day free trial.
  • 2
    We evaluate your usage during the trial.
  • 3
    You’ll get an exact quote for your law practice.

Learn more about each of these steps, detailed below.

You experience the 10 day free trial

Experience premium service with Answering Legal is included.

Before you get a customized price quote for your firm, you get to try our service completely free for 10 days. This means you don’t have to put down a credit card, sign anything, or commit to us in any way before you decide you want to continue with Answering Legal.

Why is the free trial needed?

Well, it wouldn’t make sense for either of us to negotiate a quote for your business, because neither of us knows your billable call volume yet!

For example, you might think that you’ll need 300 minutes, so you want to just pay for a 300 minute package. However, you didn’t account for the fact that Answering Legal doesn’t charge for telemarketers, family and friends, or other nuisance calls, so you actually only need 225 minutes per month. Or, you actually needed 400 minutes! We want to give you the most accurate and transparent price for your unique practice. That’s why we have every potential customer of ours complete the trial.

  • Just 3 steps to get started
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    Fill out our sign up form.
  • 2
    We’ll get you set up.
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    Become completely 24/7.

Ready to take your firm to the next level?

We evaluate your usage during the trial

We’ll measure your call volume to see how many minutes you’ll use.

Answering Legal charges by the minute, but we are much more transparent than other answering services. Here’s how:

Do NOT charge for talk time after transfer

Once we’ve transferred the call to you, you don’t have to worry that we’re still charging you while you’re on the line. Talk as long as you’d like.

Do NOT charge for telemarketers

Why should you pay for calls you didn’t want in the first place? We don’t charge for nuisance calls, so forward your telemarketers to us for free.

Do NOT charge for legal intake

Other services charge you every time they do a new customer intake, but Answering Legal wants you to earn new business! We’ll perform your custom intake, no additional charge.

Do NOT charge for bilingual needs

You don’t even need to sign up for bilingual needs. Our staff is fully bilingual, 24 hours a day. You’ll never miss a Spanish speaking caller.

You’ll get an exact quote for your law practice

No hidden fees, no surprises, no contracts. Pay one flat rate!

We’ll let you know all of the data we collected from your free trial, and we’ll explain how that data influenced your flat rate! You’ll have all of the information you need to make a decision, not to mention we’re confident you’ll love the service! Start your free trial today!