Attorney Answering Service

Do Attorneys Need An Attorney Answering Service?

Yes. You wouldn’t recommend that a potential client hire a bankruptcy lawyer for his slip and fall case, the same way that we wouldn’t recommend you hiring an answering service that specializes in medical and wealth managers. When an answering service doesn’t specialize in your immediate field, you do yourself a great disservice by utilizing their services. As an attorney, your needs are very different than a standard message taking service, and employing an attorney answering service can help better cater to your existing clients, and ensure that you capture all new callers and potential new clients.

Emergency Calls and an Attorney Answering Service

Some calls to your office are for an emergency – a good example would be a caller who is trying to reach you regarding a DUI late at night! If this kind of call occurs outside of your office hours and you do not answer your phone, the opportunity for new business is missed! Make sure that your clients’ needs are well met by employing an attorney answering service that can help them at all hours of the day and night! Also, waking up to potential new client messages in the morning is always a great way to start the day!

Answering Legal is the #1 attorney answering service, which means that we fully integrate with your firm. If you are an extremely mobile attorney, traveling from court to your office every day, we can patch new client callers into you! If your phone volume is too high, we can handle the overflow after you miss the call in your office during the day. If you simply want to cash in on your advertising dollars by having a system in place that captures new client callers when you’ve left your office for the day, Answering Legal has got your back! Try us for free for 10 days, and see what all the hype of an attorney answering service is all about!


What is the difference between a regular answering service and an Attorney Answering Service?

An Attorney Answering Service is a specialized answering service that has the unique ability to offer premium answering services catered to attorneys. This means that an attorney answering service can perform legal intakes, provide sophisticated call transferring protocols, and overall, fully integrate with your firm.

Do you charge for talk time after the call has been transferred?

No! Any emergency calls that we have to patch into you, are completely free after you take the call. Talk as long as you want.

Why would I need an answering service?

Most times, new callers are looking for immediate help, and if they encounter your voicemail, they will likely hang up and look for someone else that will give them instant gratification. An answering service eliminates new client hangups by always having a live representative of your firm answer the phone.

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Criminal Attorney Answering Service
Traffic Lawyer Answering Service
Personal Injury Lawyer Answering Service
Bankruptcy Attorney Answering Service
Family Lawyer Answering Service
Real Estate Lawyer Answering Service
Immigration Attorney Answering Service
Employment Labor Lawyer Answering Service
Social Security Disability Lawyer Answering Service
Civil Right Lawyer Answering Service
Corporate Lawyer Answering Service
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  • 5 Stars

    Extremely responsive. They told me when I first signed up that eventually I would ask them to handle everything. They were right.

    Edward Molari
  • 5 Stars

    The staff at Answering Legal is alway courteous and strives to make the customer happy. It is so convenient to have an answering service that my clients see as an extension of my office. I absolutely recommend Rob and his services.

    Spencer F.
  • Very professional. A must have.5 Stars

    I have been using the service for nearly two years. The Operators are very professional and interact with the clients and other callers in a manner befitting my office. I highly recommend this service. Dan scolnick with the law offices of Amanda Wood

    Dan Scolnick
  • Just Right for Small Law Office5 Stars

    Having downsized our staff during the Great Recession, Answering Legal provided just the right component to add back in professional telephone intake and reception services to the mix for our two attorney law firm. The executives at Answering Legal are extraordinarily knowledgeable and helpful – and to put it bluntly, surprisingly and refreshingly genuine in their concern for our bottom line. Answering Legal has put a great new “face” on our business and for that we highly recommend them to you.

    Johnnie Byrd
  • Extremely satisfied. 5 Stars

    I will continue to do business with this valued partner.


    John C.
  • The absolute best legal answering service out there5 Stars

    As an owner of a very successful high volume criminal defense practice, Answering legal has proven to be one of the most positive assets available to my law office. My days are dominated by court appearances, client meetings, and trial preparation. The team at answering legal provides me with 24/7 call support, with a thorough “new client” intake, call patching, and immediate text/email messaging. Their team has become a critical part of our infrastructure. I strongly encourage all attorneys, that are committed to the success of their law practice, to give Answering Legal a try.

    Steve Roach
  • A life Saver5 Stars

    I never thought that using an answering service would help clients. In reality, potential clients want to talk to a person when they pick up the phone, not a machine. Now clients reach a live person every hour of the night, and even when I am in a meeting.

    Hershel Goldstein
  • Very Pleased5 Stars

    I have used this service for over four years. I found a 24/7 company a great benefit to my practice and have been very happy with the quality of representatives of the service and in the accuracy and content of their messages. My clients have been pleased with their interactions and were often not aware they were dealing with a service, not one of my direct staff.

    Wayne M. Chariff
  • Great Service 5 Stars

    I think this answering service is great and I know that it has helped my practice considerably. I would recommend Answering Legal to anyone that is in need of a first rate answering service.

    David Steinberg
  • 5 Stars

    We have been using Answering Legal for over two years now and cannot be any more satisfied with the service and professionalism of the receptionists. I highly recommended this service.

    Louis Meyer
  • Great Answering Service for my small law office.5 Stars

    I have a small boutique law firm, and Answering Legal helps me take those after hour and weekend calls that I just cannot take for the last 5 years. I have tried a few different answering services, but just the fact they only cater to attorneys is what made them stand out. On top of that, telemarketers have stopped calling too, winner! Thanks to the Answering Legal team for all you do!

    Ben Crowley
  • It’s Real….it’s like having another secretary

    The voice answering your phone is someone who sounds like she is your secretary. As a solo, this is a big plus. The rates are reasonable and customer service is strong. Highly recommend this service to any attorney thinking about bringing on more staff or just looking to lighten the load of your current staff.

    John Harrington Esq
  • 5 Stars

    I have been using Answering Legal for several years. Answering Legal is professional. My clients believe that Answering Legal receptionists are my employees. I get complemented on “my employees” telephone skills. Answering Legal have adhered to my firms specific instructions and my firms’ needs.

    Thank you Answering Legal!!!!

    Frank Malara
  • 5 Stars

    Answering Legal provides an awesome service at a reasonable price!!! Highly Recommended!!!

    Lance Meyer