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How do I make an adjustment to my account?

Easily. Our 24 hour support team is always here to help you make changes to your account. Call in at 631-460-5560submit a support ticket, or chat with a live representative to have your matter handled in minutes.

How do I change how my calls are answered?

Easy. Your greetings and protocol are always customizable, and can be changed instantly when you call in, submit a support ticket, or chat with a live representative. Simply let them know how you would like your calls handled going forward, and they will ensure that your request is fulfilled.


What happens if I go over my monthly minutes?

Nothing! Answering Legal provides a certain amount of overage protection depending on your package, meaning unless you use more than your allotted minute usage for a period of 90 days or more, you’ll never see an overage charge, and certainly won’t be automatically added to your bill without a notice of your increased usage.


I’m not receiving text messages from the service!

Responding to a text message could accidentally opt you out of our text message server. To regain access to our text messaging system, simply text the word “ringsavvy” to 313131. If this is unsuccessfull, you may have to call 611 from your phone and remove the “short code block” from your phone.

I’m not receiving emails from the service!

If you have confirmed that your email address is correct on file, or if you suddenly stop receiving emails, you might find them in your Spam folder! If this becomes a recurring issue, please contact your email provider.

I’m receiving a lot of incorrect names and phone numbers in my messages!

If this is a recurring problem for you, contact support and we will immediately run diagnostics on your account. We will make sure that this problem stops immediately and that all spelling and phone numbers will be taken down correctly.

Where can I find the caller ID for all patched and missed calls?

The caller ID of the person who called is automatically attached at the bottom of every email that is sent to you from the answering service. The number that the person leaves as a callback number is always sent to you via text as well.


My landline calls are not being picked up at all!

Your phone provider may have dropped your call forwarding feature. This sometimes happens when your phone provider experiences outages, or upgrades their system. This also happens when you add/remove features from your account. In order to re-activate service, our customer success team will place a ticket with your carrier or log into your portal. This change may be instantaneous or may take up to 48 hours.

My cell phone calls are not being picked up at all!

If you’ve changed/upgraded your cell phone, your call forwarding may no longer be active. You must enter a code and your dedicated ten digit phone number to reactivate your service. This code depends on your phone carrier. Here are some of our quick tutorials on forwarding your cell phone to Answering Legal. Call Forwarding Tutorials

My landline rings too many times before Answering Legal picks up the call! What is wrong?

Normally, this is an issue with your phone provider. Just let us know that you are hearing too many rings before the calls are answered and we still start running diagnostics on your lines. We will also get in contact with your provider to remedy the issue. Depending on your phone provider, this can be an instant fix or can take up to 48 hours.

My cell phone rings too many times before Answering Legal picks up the call! What is wrong?

This may have been caused by an update your cell phone provider has implemented, but the default amount of rings on a cell phone before forwarding is 6. If attempts to decrease the amount of rings is unsuccessful, dialing 611 from the cell phone and speaking to a representative usually helps. If a representative claims they can not make this fix, ask for a supervisor.

I’m receiving voicemails, are my calls not forwarding?

Normally, this is an issue with your phone provider. Our technical support will run diagnostics on your line and contact your provider to reinstate your call forwarding features.

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