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Most answering services don’t answer your phones 24 hours a day. In fact, some of them are only open during the same business hours you are, or even less! As an attorney, you know better than anyone that people might need legal representation at all times, and to potential clients, these matters might be emergencies! For this reason, it is imperative that you have a 24 7 answering service to answer the phones when you are unable to do so yourself. Answering Legal is a 24 7 answering service that serves as an extension of your firm, meaning that when you partner with us, your firm becomes 24 7 as well! Your clients can call at any time and reach a live representative of your practice, and can even schedule an appointment, leave a detailed message, and request a consultation with you! Check out all of our services here!

Sleep Soundly With a 24 7 Answering Service

Before Answering Legal, you used to have to sleep with the cell phone, because someone calling you about a DUI that went to voicemail ended up finding someone else in the morning when you realized you missed the call! Even worse, if your phone was off and you didn’t see the call come in, you wouldn’t even know there was a missed call! We hear these stories every day. Answering Legal gives you the peace of mind to sleep at night, knowing that all your potential clients and existing clients are being catered to by a 24 7 answering service that serves as an extension of your practice. Your legal intake receptionists will perform the legal intake, denoting the pertinent details of the case, which you wake up to find in your email and text messages when you wake the next morning, well rested. Watch a story of an attorney who tried to run his law firm without a 24 7 answering service:

Catch More New Business Than Ever With a 24 7 Answering Service

Since your phones are being covered 24 hours a day, instead of the 8 hours a day they were handled before hiring Answering Legal, you have a much bigger net with which to catch new clients! When you turn the phone off to meet with clients, go to court, or try to have some peace and quiet, you might be missing the opportunity for new business and more money! Nothing slips through the cracks with Answering Legal’s 24 7 answering service. Try Answering Legal for free, and see what you were missing while you slept!

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