24/7 Live Answering Service

When we say 24/7 live answering, we really mean it.

Believe us when we tell you, new clients in today’s era and especially with the web, do not leave voicemail. The system was once a technological advancement, but is now an archaism of today’s communication technology. Callers do not want to talk to the automated greeting, especially when they have a problem, and our Answering Service for Attorneys provides Law Firms with 24/7 live answering support, to make sure your new clients never reach that voicemail and hang up. The Harvard Business review states that Vonage Voicemail reported an 8% drop in volume, and retrieved messages dropped 14%, in an article titled “Time to Hang up on Voicemail”. The indifference that callers perceive when they call and hear an automated greeting is an immediate turn off. Answering Legal can provide you with a powerful call center to ensure this never occurs. Our Legal Intake Receptionists will answer as if they are in your office, and follow the protocol you request. Even better, you can try our Legal Answering Service for 10 days, no obligations.

By having a 24/7 live answering service, you not only pay less than you would for a traditional answering service that isn’t 24 7, you will also see an increase in the amount of leads that are trying to contact you outside of normal business hours! You get more phone coverage for less money, and an increased amount of new leads! Don’t believe us? We dare you to try our 10 day live answering service free trial! All of our clients at one point used our trial, saw an increase in potential new clients, and have been with us ever since! Don’t waste time thinking! See how it works for your practice! No contracts or credit card needed to try the service.

Time to hang up on voicemail

Don't believe us?

Check out this study by Harvard Business Review that shows that the truly productive have effectively abandoned voicemail and prefer to visually track who's called on their mobile phones and when they recieve these calls. This practice has proven to increase profits and help you never miss an opportunity to gain those clients you would usually lose in the voicemail system.

Source: https://hbr.org/2013/09/time-to-hang-up-on-voice-mail

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Message Taking

If you're unavailable to take the call, we can take a detailed message and send it to you via email, or text message.

Live Call Transferring

If you're available to take the call, we announce the caller and transfer the call to you right away.

Overflow Call Handling

Missed calls can mean lost business. With overflow call handling, you’ll never miss another important call.

Call Protocol

Answering Legal has implemented sophisticated scripting and intake protocols within our call center.


Everything you wanted to know and more.

Is Answering Legal 24/7/365?

Yes! Except on Leap Years. Then we’re 24/7/366. Read more about our 24/7 Live Answering Service here.

What if I work off of a landline and a cell phone?

Simple! We forward both your landline and your cell phone however you want to the same dedicated telephone number in our system. When calls come through on that line, we know that they came from your phone!

Check out this video for a demonstration of what happens if you work off a landline and a cell phone! Watch Here!

Are there always Legal Intake Receptionists present? 24/7?

Yes! We never use voicemail to answer the phones. Only humans!

What if someone calls me in the middle of the night?

Well, if you pre determine that you want to have new clients patched into your cell phone, even in the middle of the night, we will do so! Otherwise, we will perform the legal intake and let the caller know as soon as you wake up, you will handle his/her case immediately.

Can my calls be answered only on nights and weekends?

Absolutely! You can forward and unforward your calls to Answering Legal as you please. Have the calls ring in your office during the day, and forward us the calls on the nights and weekends when you leave the office.

What happens to incoming calls when I lose cell service?

If you do not have service, since the call would normally have gone to voicemail, it will come directly to Answering Legal! This is what we mean when we say that the network gets jammed up and you didn’t even know someone had called you, because you never received a notification for a missed call. With Answering Legal, capture the callers when this happens!

Check out this video for a demonstration on what happens if you lose cell service! Watch Here!

Why would I hire Answering Legal when I have staff?

Answering Legal provides support on the 3rd and 4th ring, after you miss the call in your office. This is great insurance for any law firm, as your receptionist might be out for the day, on a break, in the bathroom, or on another call! Answering Legal can help you on a rollover basis by answering only the calls that you miss, which can capture you new business at a fraction of the cost!

Can I have all of the same services for nights and weekends?

Yes! We are always here, answering phones, and providing the same premier service at all hours of the day!

Become completely 24/7 FREE today!

Start catching those missed clients after hours and increase your profits and potential income