Appointment Scheduling

Integrates with most calendar software including Google Calendar.

We understand that as an Attorney, your schedule is extremely hectic. You need to be as organized as possible in order to maximize your time! This means that your appointments have to be neatly scheduled, so that you can do the work you need to get done, and not worry about appointment scheduling! Answering Legal understands our attorneys’ exceedingly high need for accurate appointment scheduling. That is why Answering Legal integrates with Google Calendaring or any other calendaring tools you might use at your firm, enabling us to book appointments for you, and helping you manage your busy schedule. Whether you head into a consultation, need to appear in court, or are simply unable to answer the call, Answering Legal’s 24/7 Answering Service will ensure that your schedule is managed, and your calls are handled professionally.

Most of our clients use Google Calendar, but don’t let that scare you away! Answering Legal can integrate with whatever online scheduling system you utilize in order to establish a seamless appointment scheduling system that can work for your practice. The setup is extremely simple upon signing up with Answering Legal, and can be customized at any point!

It is our firm belief that organization and time management leads to the most profitable law firms, and firms that use Answering Legal not only have more time to do what they do best, but never have to worry about missing a new client or chasing back missed calls! Answering Legal has your back 24 7, scheduling appointments, performing new client intake, and catering better to your existing clientele than ever before! Try us now for free for 10 days, and gain back the extra hours you need in the day to be the best you can be!

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Everything you wanted to know and more.

Does Answering Legal schedule appointments?

Yes we do! We schedule appointments for you to ensure that every client has the best chance of getting your help as soon as possible.

Does Answering Legal integrate with Google Calendar?

Yes! We integrate with most of the big-name calendaring softwares to offer the most seamless appointment scheduling services to our clients.

How does the calendaring work?

You give us the times you are available for appointments, and if your callers let us know that they would like to come in for a consultation, we offer them one of the various dates and times that you have pre determined you are available to meet. We simply schedule the appointment in your calendar and send you a message letting you know the date and the time that the meeting is scheduled for.

Does appointment scheduling cost me any extra money every month?

No! All of the premium features we offer are available to every one of our customers, with no additional charge. Enjoy appointment scheduling for the same flat rate every month.

Can you set reminders for my appointments?

Absolutely, we will make sure that your appointments alert you days, or hours before your meetings so that your appointments are never a surprise.

What if I don’t have a calendaring software? Can you still schedule appointments for me?

Yes! We will simply ask the caller when he/she would like to come in, and send you the message. If the time does not work for you, you can simply reschedule with the caller, however, if you provide us with your typical availability, we offer those times to your callers so that you won’t have to reschedule your meetings.

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