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If there’s one thing we’re sure we can agree on, it’s that you never know who is going to be on the other end of the call. Even with caller ID, call tracking, and every other modern technology, there is simply no way to predict who is going to call you, and when they are going to do so! This might mean that someone is in need of your help, but might not speak English, or might not be comfortable at speaking English as their primary language. For this reason, Answering Legal serves as your bilingual support staff by being a bilingual answering service!

Bilingual Answering Service Clients

One might think that the typical attorney who needs a bilingual answering service is an immigration attorney, but that is not always the case! A lot of people who are in need of legal services often times do not speak English, and in their inability to easily communicate with an attorney who is not bilingual, might contact another law firm that can handle a Spanish speaking client! This is true for criminal law firms, personal injury law firms, bankruptcy, real estate etc. Answering Legal’s premium features are offered fully in Spanish! Our Spanish speaking agents can perform legal intake, schedule appointments, and even let the caller know that the attorney will be getting back to them shortly with a translator or staff that is equipped to handle their case. If you think you might need a bilingual answering service for your law firm, look no further than Answering Legal. Not only are we the #1 answering service for attorneys, we are the #1 bilingual answering service for attorneys. Read about our other services here!

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