Bilingual Receptionists

Answering Legal is impressive in both English and Spanish!

All of your messages contain critical information, and we ensure that nothing is lost in translation! Answering Legal provides Virtual Bilingual Receptionists who are fluent in Spanish, trained to perform professional legal intake, and are available 24/7, in order to handle all of your calls effectively. We understand that every message is vital to your practice, so we make sure you get the correct message every time. Our Legal Answering Service has Spanish-Speaking Virtual Receptionists 24/7, so you’ll never miss a new Spanish speaking client..

One might assume that immigration law firms have the highest need for bilingual receptionists, however, that is not the case! A sizable amount of our criminal attorneys, personal injury lawyers, bankruptcy law firms, and all other areas of the law require bilingual receptionists in order to properly assist their clientele! Even if you have in-house bilingual receptionists that answer your phones during the day inside of your office, Answering Legal’s 24 receptionists answer the calls outside of normal business hours as if they were inside of your office in order to maximize the amount of new client intakes! We can answer the calls that you miss on a rollover basis, where the first few rings always go to you, and then forward over to Answering Legal when the call goes unanswered! This way, you can ensure that every caller speaks to a live bilingual representative of your firm! Read more about our Bilingual Answering Service!

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Message Taking

If you're unavailable to take the call, we can take a detailed message and send it to you via email, or text message.

Full Legal Intake

If you're unavailable to take the call, we can take a detailed message and send it to you via email, or text message.

24/7 Live Answering Service

We always answer the phone, 24/7365, so you never have to worry about missing the next new client.

Live Call Transferring

If you're available to take the call, we announce the caller and transfer the call to you right away.


Everything you wanted to know and more.

Is Answering Legal fully bilingual?

Yes. At all hours of the day, there is a staff dedicated to Spanish speaking callers in 3 dialects of Spanish and even Portuguese! Read more about our Bilingual Answering Service.

Can Answering Legal patch Spanish speaking callers into me?

Yes! Here’s a video of what happens when a Spanish speaking client calls you and Answering Legal takes the call. Watch here!

Which languages does Answering Legal cater to?

Answering Legal is fully bilingual in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Can Answering Legal handle my calls in Spanish 24/7?

Yes! We are fully bilingual 24 hours a day, meaning you’ll never miss a call from a Spanish speaking client in the late hours of the night!

Do I have to pay extra for bilingual legal intake receptionists?

No! All of the premium features we offer come at no additional cost. You can use every feature for the same flat rate we offer you after the ten day free trial!

My firm is 100% Spanish speaking clients. Is that an issue?

Not at all. We are fully staffed 24/7 with bilingual legal intake receptionists, so your Spanish speaking callers will never experience any difficulty getting in touch with you.

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