Call Handling

Never miss the opportunity to obtain new business.

One of the most important aspects of any answering service is their call handling! For obvious reasons, you want an answering services with superior call handling capabilities. For this reason, answering legal has implemented sophisticated scripting and intake protocols within our call center to ensure that our lawyers and law firms never miss the opportunity to obtain new business. Our call handling enables our legal intake receptionists to understand the pertinent information regarding the caller’s case, and then your virtual receptionist will follow the protocol that you have pre-determined.

Superior Law Firm Call Handling

Answering Legal is not your standard answering service.

A standard answering service might immediately let your callers know that they have reached an answering service, and that all they can manage is to take a message and send it to the attorney. Our call handling is superior to the simple message taking center because our attorney get to choose which clients they want to speak to! For example, if you have determined that you would like to be transferred every call if a new client is on the line, our legal intake receptionist will find out the caller’s name, number, and will let them know that he/she will be placed on a brief hold while they attempt to reach you. The virtual receptionist will politely tell you that a new client is on the line, and ask if you would like to take the call. If you can, the call is transferred to you wherever you are, and if you can’t, your legal intake receptionist will finish performing the legal intake, letting the caller know that your firm cares about his/her case and will be getting back to him/her shortly to help! Don’t fall victim to inferior call handling, let Answering Legal field the calls that you can’t. Put us in, Coach.

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Everything you wanted to know and more.

How will Answering Legal deliver my messages?

Most of our customers enjoy getting an SMS text AND an email in order to ensure that they never miss a message, but some of our customers also prefer to have a fax, and some like different combinations of all three. You never have to call in to get your messages, we send them to you instantly. There is no additional charge for additional messaging mediums.

How does overflow call handling work?

Answering Legal uses conditional call forwarding in order to answer calls that you miss in your office. This means that 24/7, Answering Legal is fielding calls for your practice, since every phone call will ring 3-4 times in your office, and, if unanswered, forwards over to our service! If you would like to call forward with no delay, Answering Legal can easily accommodate as well.

Learn more about how our live answering service works on our How It Works page.

What if I work off a landline and a cell phone?

Simple! We forward both your landline and your cell phone however you want to the same dedicated telephone number in our system. When calls come through on that line, we know that they came from your phone!

Check out this video for a demonstration of what happens if you work off a landline and a cell phone! Watch here!

What if I have multiple offices?

Answering Legal easily accommodates. We can answer the calls and even help clients trying to find your office! We just denote where your offices are and take care of the rest. Utilizing call forwarding, we can figure out which office your callers are attempting to visit.

How does Answering Legal handle a firm with multiple numbers?

Simple! Our technical support team forwards your numbers to the unique telephone number in our system, letting the legal intake receptionists know where the calls are coming from specifically, and how to handle them!

Will I still have the opportunity to answer my own phone?

Yes. With conditional call forwarding, you can establish a ring cycle where the first few rings go to your phone, and forward over to Answering Legal’s virtual receptionists if that call goes unanswered. We only want to help your current infrastructure flourish, and if this is how your practice works best, we are here to encourage!

Where can I find the caller ID for all patched and missed calls?

The caller ID of the person who called is automatically attached at the bottom of every email that is sent to you from the answering service. The number that the person leaves as a callback number is always sent to you via text as well.

Will Answering Legal patch calls to me from solicitors?

No. Solicitations are seen as no charge calls in our system. When a lot of automated dialers call in at once, our system recognizes these calls and bars them from reaching your number.

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