Call Routing & Transferring

Make sure you never miss the new client by having us patch your calls to you.

Our Legal Intake Receptionists know how to ascertain whether the caller is a new or existing client. Typically, we patch new clients into your mobile phone, so that you can speak to that prospective client in real time, and have a better chance of converting him/her into new business for your firm. Our Legal Answering Service keeps your cell phone number private, even when we transfer the call through, so that your privacy remains intact. If you’re busy and can’t take the call on your cell phone, a succinct, yet detailed message is sent to you with all of the caller’s information and inquiries. Because we are an Answering Service for Attorneys, we understand the importance of speaking to every possible new client. We know that sometimes you may not recognize a phone number and may not want to answer, so Answering Legal will qualify the new caller, and patch it back into you if it’s someone you have pre-determined you would like to speak with! This is useful when you are out in your personal time, home, or even simply don’t feel like taking the call! Make sure you never miss the new client by having Answering Legal patch your calls to you!

Sophisticated Call Routing

If you have multiple people working in your office that handle different cases, you’ll want to make sure that the caller is transferred to the correct person, so that hold times are short and your customer service is quick and efficient. Answering Legal’s legal intake receptionists can route calls to the appropriate person based on your preference. For example: if you have designated attorneys that work in different areas of the law, once the type of case is ascertained from the caller, we will patch that call through to the attorney who handles those types of cases. In addition, we can transfer callers to their individual case managers. We don’t simply send calls through to one number and let you figure out whose problem it is, we send the right calls to the right person, every time.

Sophisticated Call Protocol

If your office has an individual protocol where certain members of your staff are “on call” to take new client calls, we can keep up with your schedule and make sure we accommodate your firm’s schedule. We can try to reach as many or as few people on your team as you’d like, before we get back on the phone and perform the legal intake. You can customize these protocols at any time!

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Everything you wanted to know and more.

Does Answering Legal charge for the time after the call transfer?

No. After the call is transferred to you, the talk time is completely free. Talk to your potential new customer all you want, no charge!

Does Answering Legal charge for call patching?

No. Call patching is one of the premium features included with every account at Answering Legal. If you miss the call, or didn’t recognize the incoming number and simply let the call forward to Answering Legal, if the caller is a potentially new client, your virtual receptionist will let you know, and transfer the call to you!

Will Answering Legal patch calls to me from solicitors?

No. Solicitations are seen as no charge calls in our system. When a lot of automated dialers call in at once, our system recognizes these calls and bars them from reaching your number.

Do competitors charge for every patched call?

The truth is that some do. Even if a solicitor is calling you, you will likely be charged for the time it takes for the agent to realize the caller is a solicitor and end the call. They also charge for the talk time after they attempt to patch you in. We realize not every service may do this, but in our experience, most do.

Can Answering Legal transfer all new clients to my cell phone?

Yes. If you want to speak to all potential new clients right away, we will transfer them to you as soon as we take down their information. If you can’t speak to them, we will perform the legal intake and let the caller know you will call him/her back as soon as possible.

What happens when a call is transferred to me?

Your legal intake receptionist will call you, let you know who is calling and what they are calling about, and ask if you would like to take the call. If you can take the call, the call is then transferred into you. If you can not take the call, your legal intake receptionist will perform a legal intake with the caller.

Where can I find the caller ID for all patched and missed calls?

The caller ID of the person who called is automatically attached at the bottom of every email that is sent to you from the answering service. The number that the person leaves as a callback number is always sent to you via text as well.

How will Answering Legal deliver my messages?

Most of our customers enjoy getting an SMS text AND an email in order to ensure that they never miss a message, but some of our customers also prefer to have a fax, and some like different combinations of all three. You never have to call in to get your messages, we send them to you instantly. There is no additional charge for additional messaging mediums.

Never miss the new client

With Answering Legal, you can always be assured you will never miss that new client calling