Message Taking

Important Messages Require Superior Message Taking Services

At Answering Legal, we know your messages are of extreme importance. Our virtual receptionists’ message taking process is detailed and systematic, to ensure that your messages always have the pertinent information. You can also request different types of information to be passed along via your messages. For example: some of our law firms choose to have their messages contain the name and number of the caller, along with the type of case, and a detailed message the person would like to leave. Others would like the entire new client intake to be done for a new caller and have that information passed completely along via text/email.

Message Taking Protocol

You might wonder how we set up the message taking process, or how we change it on the fly according to your individual needs. When setting up your free trial with Answering Legal, the message taking protocol is set up by asking and answering a few questions, such as: Would you like new clients patched into you? Would you like us to perform the new client intake for a new bankruptcy case? Would you like us to just take a name, number, and a message for an existing client caller? Your answers to these questions will let our technical support team know what type of messages to send during the trial, and can be adjusted at any time of the day as you please! If you are going on vacation and would like your messages only emailed to you, and would like for our virtual receptionists to let all callers know you will be back in the office starting the next Monday, we can make that message taking protocol change right then and there!


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