How Answering Legal Works

Learn how we work with you to help grow your business.

Setup & Customization

When you sign up with Answering Legal, you will have a chance to customize each and every part of your account, so that it works best for your unique law firm.

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The 10 day free trial requires no credit card down, no commitment, and absolutely never any contracts.

If you get us all the correct information, we can set your account up that same day, and have you up and running as soon as possible.

Every part of Answering Legal can be customized, from your greeting, to the way we send your messages.

How we answer your phones

You and your customer success representative will determine the best way to answer your phones, so your clients have a seamless and positive experience with your firm every time they call.

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Your greeting is always customized for your firm, to provide a superior experience for your callers.

If the person calling is a potentially new client, typically our attorneys like to speak to them right away.

Our legal intake receptionists capture the existing callers information, so that you can call them back ASAP.

How you send us your calls

This is where you choose your method of call forwarding. The way you send us your calls can vary depending on the type of help you have in your office, your schedule, and simply, your preference!

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Rollover forwarding allows the phones to ring on your phone 3-4 times, so that you have every opportunity to answer your own calls when you can.

Time of day forwarding allows you to set your call forwarding to automatically turn on and turn off at specific hours of the day.

Total screen & transfer allows you to forward your calls directly to us to capture the best information on the first initial ring.

Full time forwarding allows you to forward your calls directly to us, refuse all call transfers, and simply receive detailed messages from every caller.

Patching, Messages & Legal Intake

This is where you choose when we will patch callers into you, how you will receive your messages, and what questions we will ask your callers when performing the legal intake!

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If you're available to take the call, we announce the caller and transfer the call to you right away.

If you're unavailable to take the call, we can take a detailed message and send it to you via email, or text.

You will be capturing new leads with a full legal intake system without even having to answer the phone!

Getting Started

Setup is easy, and we guide you through the entire process.

Sign up online and complete our intake form, or call in to speak with a customer success expert to help you get started!

You and your customer success expert will discuss the type of call forwarding you would like to implement for your firm.

We use the 10 day free trial in order to get an idea of your call volume so that we can offer you a flat rate moving forward.

Questions or concerns about pricing? Feel free to Contact us.

Ready to take your firm to the next level?


Everything you wanted to know and more.

How difficult is it to start a free trial with Answering Legal?

Not difficult at all. We need to confirm how you would like to have your calls answered, establish a protocol for new and existing clients, and set up call forwarding – the way you want it. If you’d like to use rollover, choose how many rings you would like to have before it comes to us. If you’d like to straight forward the calls when you leave the office, we will confirm that the system is working. Interested in starting your free trial? Click here to start your free trial today or read more about rollover call forwarding here.

What do I need in order to get set up?

We only need to ask you a few questions and confirm the settings for your free trial, before we determine what type of call forwarding you would like to utilize. Conditional Call Forwarding short codes are available on almost all mobile phones, and can also be set up by contacting providers for landlines. Straight call forwarding is usually as simple as dialing *72 and the number you would like to forward to, although there are other different short codes depending on your provider. Call us at 631-400-8000 to speak to an expert if this is something you would like to do!

Will I still have the opportunity to answer my own phone?

Yes. With conditional call forwarding, you can establish a ring cycle where the first few rings go to your phone, and forward over to Answering Legal’s virtual receptionists if that call goes unanswered. We only want to help your current infrastructure flourish, and if this is how your practice works best, we are here to encourage!

How do I forward my calls to Answering Legal?

Most call forwarding can be done directly from your phone. For example, straight call forwarding is usually activated by dialing *72, and the number to which you would like the calls forwarded. Each provider is different, and Answering Legal’s experts can help you establish your call forwarding protocols exactly the way you like it.

So once I’m a customer, can I make any change at any time?

Yes! Simply send us an email, visit the support page on our website, talk to our live chat, or call us to tell us what change you would like to have made, and we will make it instantly!

Can I change my call forwarding at any time?

Yes! Simply get in touch with us at Answering Legal using the support page on our website, talk to our live chat, or call us to tell us what you would like us to change your call forwarding to!

Why would I hire Answering Legal when I have staff?

Answering Legal provides support on the 3rd and 4th ring, after you miss the call in your office. This is great insurance for any law firm, as your receptionist might be out for the day, on a break, in the bathroom, or on another call! Answering Legal can help you on a rollover basis by answering only the calls that you miss, which can capture you new business at a fraction of the cost!

Can I have all of the same services for nights and weekends?

Yes! We are always here, answering phones, and providing the same premier service at all hours of the day!

Have questions? Our team is here to help. Call us at 631-400-8000.