If you’re a lawyer, we’re guessing your time for educational reading is pretty limited. So when you do decide to pick up a book, you’ll want to make sure it’s really worth your time. That’s where we come in. The Answering Legal marketing team is constantly on the hunt for the very best new legal books to share with our customers, that will help the attorneys we serve elevate their firms and improve their legal lives. In the summer of 2021, we introduced a new platform for sharing our company’s book recommendations and our exclusive interviews with today’s top legal authors.

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Our Newest Book Recommendation

Staffing Up: The Attorney’s Guide To Hiring Top Talent

Written by: Alay Yajnik

What it’s about: Long-time business advisor Alay Yajnik offers a proven system for hiring high quality people for any role in your law firm. The book is simple, practical, and fast so that it’s easy to use, effective to apply, and saves lawyers time. Topics covered include how to position your firm for hiring success, how to prevent costly hiring mistakes and how to retain your best employees for years.

About the author: Alay Yajnik is a law firm growth expert and founder of Law Firm Success Group. He has run a $100MM business and built a $5MM business from the ground up. His team is dedicated to helping busy lawyers across the country make more money, work fewer hours, and spend more time doing the things they love by running their law firm as a business. Additionally, Alay dedicates time to public speaking, business coaching and hosting a podcast called “Lawyer Business Advantage”.

Clip: Alay Yajnik shares tips for building your law office dream team

More Top Picks From Answering Legal

Beyond Se Habla Español: How Lawyers Win the Hispanic Market

Written by: Natalie Fragkouli & Liel Levy

What it’s about: The Hispanic community is one of the fastest-growing legal markets in the country. Unfortunately, most lawyers struggle to approach it, clinging to stereotypes of cultural clichés, language barriers, and outdated technology. “Beyond Se Habla Español” offers education on how to make your firm the best, most relevant choice for the Hispanic community. Discover the most effective digital strategies for reaching this target audience while avoiding your competitors’ mistakes.

About the authors: Natalie and Liel are the co-founders of Nanato Media, a full-service bilingual and multicultural marketing agency specializing in the U.S. Hispanic market. Nanato Media, which is based in Austin, Texas, aids law firms across the nation in running relevant, expert campaigns targeting local Hispanic markets. By leveraging the power of Nanato Media, law firms have access to their own team of multicultural marketers to execute cost-effective and winning strategies.

Clip: Liel Levy tells readers what to expect from “Beyond Se Habla Español

The New Law Business Model: Build A Lucrative Law Practice That You (And Your Clients) Love

Written by: Ali Katz

What it’s about: If you’re a lawyer struggling to manage time, earn money and live a fulfilling legal life, there’s no need to abandon your dreams. In this book, Ali Katz shows you how to use your most valuable asset—your law degree—for the good of families, small businesses, and most importantly, your well-being. Pulling from her own journey, Ali shares the roadmap she followed and insights she found that made her success possible. The old law business model is broken. It’s time to replace it with one that works for you, your family, and your clients.

About the author: After working as an Associate at Munger, Tolles & Olson, one of the country’s top law firms, Ali Katz went on to start her own law practice and write a bestselling book on family legal planning. She has appeared on Good Morning America, the Today Show, and radio and television across the country. Over the past decade, her New Law Business Model has helped thousands of lawyers build high six- and seven-figure law practices that positively impact their lives, families, and business communities.

Clip: Ali Katz explains the biggest issues with the current law business model

The Client-Centered Law Firm: How to Succeed in an Experience-Driven World

Written by: Jack Newton

What it’s about: In “The Client-Centered Law Firm”, legal tech expert Jack Newton offers a clear-eyed and timely look at how providing a client-centered experience and running an efficient, profitable law firm aren’t opposing ideas. With this approach, they drive each other. Covering the what, why, and how of running a client-centered practice, with examples from law firms leading this revolution as well as practical strategies for implementation, The Client-Centered Law Firm is a rallying call to unlock the enormous untapped demand in the legal market by providing client-centered experiences, improving internal processes, and raising the bottom line.

About the author: Jack Newton has spearheaded efforts to educate the legal community on the security, ethics, and privacy issues surrounding cloud computing, and has become a nationally recognized writer and speaker on these topics. He’s also the CEO and Co-founder of Clio legal software and is recognized as a pioneer in cloud-based legal technology.

Clip: Jack Newton shares details on “The Client-Centered Law Firm”

New Suits: Appetite for Disruption in the Legal World

Written by: Michele DeStefano and Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna

What it’s about: Where is the legal industry heading next? In “New Suits”, Michele DeStefano and Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna provide a closer look at how advancing technology, new business models and altered client expectations are shaping the future of law. The book explains why attorneys shouldn’t fear the future, but instead take this opportunity to reinvent the way they do business.

About the authors: Michele DeStefano is a professor, author and speaker. She also serves as a consultant to law firms, corporate legal departments, and legal startups on innovation, collaborative creative problem solving, technology, culture creation, teaming, and cross-practice, cross-border initiatives. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna is a Partner at PwC Zurich and Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland.

Clip: Michele DeStefano explains why lawyers always need to be innovating

Level Up Your Law Practice: The Ultimate Guide To Being A Successful Lawyer

Written by: Jeremy M. Richter

What it’s about: “Level Up Your Law Practice” ​lays the foundation for grounding a healthy mindset in practical business realities, so you can apply these principles to your law practice and build a vibrant business that serves both you and your clients. ​​​A healthy mindset gives you defensive measures to absorb criticism and manage your fears, and provides the foundation on which you can build a successful law practice. Progressive and sustainable business practices enable you to go on the offensive and build the practice you want.

About the author: Jeremy is a civil defense lawyer in Birmingham. He writes on his law blog about both practice specific and law practice management topics. Jeremy aims to help his readers improve their crafts through more efficient practice systems and effective communication.

Clip: Jeremy M. Richter explains why lawyers can’t only focus on results

Fireproof: A Five-Step Model to Take Your Law Firm from Unpredictable to Wildly Profitable

Written by: Mike Morse with John Nachazel

What it’s about: Long-time Michigan personal injury attorney Mike Morse says running his firm more like a business has been a major key to his success over the past few decades. These days, he doesn’t make a single decision for his firm without referring to data first. In “Fireproof”, Morse and his COO John Nachazel go in-depth on the importance of tracking your firm’s numbers, and how to build a law firm that is prepared to handle any crisis that comes its way.

About the authors: Mike Morse is the founder of Mike Morse Law Firm, the largest personal injury law firm in Michigan. Since being founded in 1995, Mike Morse Law Firm has grown to 150 employees, served 25,000 clients, and collected more than $1 billion. A household name in Michigan, Mike gets over 20,000 calls per year requesting his services. John Nachazel is the COO of Mike Morse Law Firm. A pioneer in the practice of applying business metrics to law firms, John’s precise insights and financial forecasts have been instrumental to the firm’s growth.

Clip: Why Mike Morse called his new book Fireproof