Legal Intake

Obtain the best quality leads from our Legal Intake Receptionists

When you need outsourced legal intake, look no further than Answering Legal. Legal intake is no joke, and should be taken seriously when it comes to your law firm. Compared to other answering services, our Legal Intake Receptionists perform a legal intake approximately 21,600 times a day. Let’s discuss the importance of your legal intake, and why you should trust Answering Legal above the competition.

Superior legal intake training

Each of our Legal Intake Receptionists is trained to perform the legal intake for your firm, and every week Answering Legal holds new account meetings to discuss the particulars of your legal intake when you first start with us. From there, we monitor how well the process is being handled so that we can ensure quality is kept high. Our training is extensive, and each of our new operators spends hours rehearsing and listening in on real calls before he/she takes his/her first real call.

Legal intake NEEDS to be done correctly

Other answering services might try to provide you with legal intake services, but they often fall short in their efforts to obtain information, or they simply sound incompetent on the phone due to lack of training, which is never the image you want to display to your potential new clients..

Other answering services only take messages

When a potential new client calls you and isn’t asked any information about his/her case, he/she will feel that your customer service is either incompetent, or not painstakingly thorough in your cases. Either way, they will be suspicious at the least, and will likely look for another attorney, i.e., your competition. When a legal intake is performed immediately during the first phone call, the caller feels assured that you will be helping him/her on the case, and will be thorough in your investigation and follow up on the matters at hand.

Try Answering Legal free for 10 days. We absolutely guarantee that our Legal Intake Receptionists will do a superior job compared to your current answering service. No contracts, no commitments.

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24/7 Live Answering Service

We always answer the phone, 24/7365, so you never have to worry about missing the next new client.

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Everything you wanted to know and more.

Can I customize the questions in my legal intake?

Yes! You can include whichever questions you would like to have asked in your legal intake. Depending on the type of law you practice, or how boutique the firm might be, you might need unique questions asked, and we can absolutely accommodate!

Does legal intake cost me extra every month?

No! You receive every premium feature of Answering Legal once you become a customer. We do not charge extra for anything, especially our legal intake services!

How many questions can I include in the legal intake?

As many as you want! There’s no limit, except your imagination and of course, practicality.

Why is Answering Legal the Best at Legal Intake?

We answer exclusively for attorneys, so we train our legal intake receptionists on answering the phones for law firms. Since the focus of every single legal intake receptionist is one industry, we have the absolute advantage over every other answering service when it comes to legal intake.

How does it work?

Utilizing different types of call forwarding, Answering Legal will answer the calls that you forward to us. Once we answer the call, we follow your unique protocol. This means we can take messages, answer FAQs, patch calls into you, perform the legal intake, and even schedule appointments. You receive your messages via SMS text and email.

What are the benefits of having Legal Intake Receptionists?

Not only will you never miss a call from a potentially new client, now when you miss the call, your legal intake receptionists will perform a full legal intake and keep the caller from running off to hire another attorney. You have the combined advantage of having your phones covered 24 hours a day, while never missing the opportunity to obtain new business.

What happens during the free trial?

During the free trial, you forward your calls to us and set up all of your preferences. You determine what you want to see in your messages, when you want to have a call transferred, what kind of legal intake we perform, how you receive your messages, and even how we answer your calls! After the ten days, we use the data of your call volume to offer you a flat rate moving forward. There are no setup or cancellation fees, and absolutely no contracts to stay with us. You stay because you want to stay!

How does the pricing work?

Technically, our pricing is on a per-minute basis, but what we do is offer you a customized minute package using the data we obtain during your ten day free trial. You pay a flat rate and get a certain amount of overage protection which ensures you never have to pay a hefty fee on top of your monthly minutes. We never charge you extra unless you sustain call volume above your allotted minutes and overage protection, and we never charge you without a phone call explaining the terms of your new minute package.

Tired of missing opportunities for business?

Our Legal Intake Receptionists will help you capture the best leads to give you the best opportunities for new business.